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Quality features of therapy table

Special quality features of axiothera therapy beds

The quality of axiothera therapy and treatment couches is based on the selected, high-quality components and their excellent workmanship. Our particular focus with each of our couches is on absolute stability, functionality and durability.

Welded integral frame for special stability


The extra reinforced main frame is made of steel tubes with a material thickness of up to 3 mm. All components are joined together by means of particularly durable and robust all-round composite welding technology.

Generously dimensioned twin supports

Extremely stable, solid twin supports, made of hardened steel, ensure a robust overall construction and provide additional stability. The connection to the cross tube is also made using robust all-round composite welding technology. Screwable steel inserts are inserted and welded at the end of each cross tube to increase strength. All moving parts are fitted with polymer moulded sleeves to reduce noise and chafing as far as possible.

T-shaped fasteners


All fixings are reinforced by additional back plates. Welded directly onto the frame, these provide further support and ensure that the fastenings are particularly stable.

Extra large compensation feet

The compensating feet with anti-slip coating are extremely robust and deliberately designed to be large. They are easily accessible from all sides and guarantee an optimal and safe stand of the couch 

Motor drive and control unit


We can guarantee absolutely reliable and powerful motors through close cooperation with two renowned manufacturers of motor and drive systems. Our partners are specialized in power electronics and the production of drive systems for medical devices and supply completely reliable components of the best quality. The control unit is located within easy reach underneath the head section and protected by an easy-to-clean powder-coated metal cover.

Hydraulic Power Packer® pumps

All hydraulically operated beds are equipped with Power Packer® pumps.  This manufacturer of hydraulic systems has more than 30 years of experience and always delivers high quality motion control systems for medical applications.

Cushioning of the lying surface


Particularly important for a therapy bed is the padding and surface quality of the lying surface, which ensures a comfortable position in direct body contact with the patient. Through our own production of high-quality padding made of highly compressed multi-layer foam, we can provide optimally processed, excellent quality lying surfaces. High-quality, hard-wearing and body-friendly artificial leather covers round off the comfortable lying feeling for the patient.