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Electrodes 5x5cm - pack of 4

Universal Electrode 5x5 cm You can benefit from our especially developed electrodes. You can... more
Product information "Electrodes 5x5cm - pack of 4"

Universal Electrode 5x5 cm

You can benefit from our especially developed electrodes. You can use them for your TENS therapy or your EMS program. Because of the size (5x5 cm) you can use them for every application.

Your advantages

You can benefit from our economy pack

While using eight electrodes you can treat many body regions at the same time

Precisely pain therapy

Relieve the pain in your body with our TENS applications

Train your body an build up muscles with our EMS programs

carbon layer conducts the current even to your skin

A If you buy these electrodes you can look forward to a newly developed low-resistance carbon film that distributes pulses evenly. Simply order, pull off the protective film and start your stimulation current treatment!

Further hints:

The electrodes fit all stimulation current devices with 2 mm jack connection.

Compatible: axion, Body-Clock, Cefar Compex - 2mm, Dittmann, Globus, Hofmann, Pierenkemper, Promed, Prorelax, Saneo, schwa-medico, Stimio, Tesmed
Body part: Neck, Shoulder, Biceps, Triceps, Lower arm, Hands, Back, Abdomen, Legs, Whole body
Connection type: 2mm cable
Application type: TENS pain therapy, EMS muscle training
Die 5x5 cm Elektroden können Sie für Anwendungen an folgenden Körperpartien verwenden:Test... more

Die 5x5 cm Elektroden können Sie für Anwendungen an folgenden Körperpartien verwenden:Test

Die Elektroden sind für folgende Geräte kompatibel:

  • axion TENS & EMS Kombigerät STIM-PRO X9 (BESTSELLER)
  • axion TENS-Gerät STIM-PRO T-400
  • axion TENS-Gerät STIM-PRO Comfort
  • axion N-10
  • axion STIM-PRO T-100
  • axion STIM-PRO T-800
  • axion STIM-PRO X700
  • axion STIM-PRO X800
  • Beurer EMS HomeStudio
  • Body Clock 1st Choice Plus
  • Body Clock Flexi TENS
  • Body Clock Smart TENS
  • Body ClockLibra TENS
  • Body Clock Profile TENS
  • Body Clock Easy TENS Plus
  • CefarCompex mi-Theta 600
  • Cefar MYO XT
  • Cefar MYO X2
  • Cefar ACTIV XT
  • Cefar ACTIV X2
  • Cefar Activ XT
  • Cefar Activ X2
  • Compex SPORT 2
  • Compex SPORT 2 +TENS
  • Compex Fit 3.0
  • Compex FITNESS
  • Compex FITNESS +TENS
  • Compex FITNESS 2
  • Compex SPORT 3
  • Compex SPORT 400
  • Compex MEDI Compex
  • Compex TOP FITNESS
  • Compex DUOFIT
  • Compex ENERGY 1
  • Compex BODY
  • Dittmann TEN 240
  • Dittmann TEN 250
  • Dittmann ETG 255
  • Pierenkemper PierenPlus basic
  • Pierenkemper PierenPlus
  • Promed Tens 1000s
  • Promed EMT-4 Kombigerät (TENS/EMS)
  • Promed EMT-6 Kombigerät (TENS/EMS)
  • Promed T-6 Tensgerät
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS SuperDuo Plus
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS DuoComfort
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS Duo
  • Prorelax TENS + EMS Body Trainer Active
  • Saneo TENS
  • Saneo Vital
  • Saneo Sport
  • Sanowell Digi Pro 4000 Duo
  • Sanowell Life TENS
  • Sanowell Life EMS
  • schwa-medico TENSStem eco basic
  • schwa-medico TENS eco 2
  • schwa-medico EMP 2 PRO
  • schwa-medico EMP 4 ECO+
  • schwa-medico AmpliMove medical
  • Wellcare digi-stim

Ihr Gerät/Anwendungsfall wird noch nicht aufgelistet? Kontaktieren Sie unser Beratungsteam und erfragen Sie ob die Kompatibilität/Anwendungsart mit diesen Elektroden möglich ist. Sie erreichen uns per Telefon unter: +49 (0) 7152 – 353 911 – 0 oder per E-Mail an:

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Content 2 piece(s)
axion Elektroden Kontaktspray Contact and Cleaning Spray
Content 0.25 l (33.44€ * / 1 l)
Round Electrodes 32 mm Round Electrodes 32 mm
Content 4 piece(s)
Anal Probe STIM-PRO 13 Anal Probe STIM-PRO 13
Content 1 piece(s)
axion Elektroden Kontaktgel Contact Gel
Content 0.25 kg (33.44€ * / 1 kg)

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